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Our School Policies
Vanier believes ...

·   that it is the purpose of the school to maximize each student’s potential, confidence and social awareness through second language learning in a safe and supportive learning environment.

·  in developing excellence in academics, athletics and the arts.

·  in providing opportunities for student leadership, personal and social responsibility and building global citizens for tomorrow.

Module Vanier  School Day Schedule

8:20 - 9:15             Period 1
9:15 - 10:05            Period 2
10:05 - 10:20           “Pause” /Recess
10:20 - 11:10           Period 3   
11:10 - 12:00           Period 4
12:00 - 1:00            "Dîner”/Lunch
1:00 - 1:50             Period 5
1:50 - 2:35             Period 6
2:35                            Dismissal

The School Day

Students arrive at Vanier by walking, by school bus, or they are parent driven and enter the school freely.  For safety purposes, students transported by parents should be dropped off either at the parking lot entrance or at the Earl Street entrance.  Cars should remain away from the main Frontenac Street entrance as this is the bus  area. Students should proceed to the Vanier wing upon arrival. All students are expected to maintain, with the support of their parents/guardians, regular and punctual attendance.
Lateness without a valid reason (ex. doctor, orthodontist...) will result in a conference with the child’s teacher/ Principal and consequences may be implemented.  Persistent lateness and absences will be reported to the Attendance counselor.
Students are required to sign in at the office if they are late and are  required to sign out if they are  leaving early.
When a student is going to be late, is required to leave early or is going to be absent, a parent/guardian should notify the school by:
1. Telephoning the school (613-544-7698) and leaving a message
2. Sending a note to the home room teacher if advance absence is known (ex. trips, appointments...)
Home room teachers will notify the office of any absent students through the attendance book immediately before announcements.  The secretary will compare this information with phone calls and notes received, and if any absence is unexplained, will attempt to contact the adult listed on the registration form.  This program is designed for the protection and welfare of your child and your participation is strongly recommended.
For health reasons, it is encouraged that the student not return to school until an illness has concluded.

School Telephone

clip_image002.gifThe school telephone number is: 613-544-7698.

During emergency situations, students may use the office telephone with permission from a staff  member.  Arrangements to go home with friends need to be made prior to arriving at school.  There is a public pay phone in KCVI’s basement area near the Frontenac Street entrance.


Illness or Injury

An emergency contact needs to be included on the student registration form in case of student illness or injury.  If parents are unable to be contacted, the emergency contact person will be notified and arrangements made to have the student picked up.



clip_image004.gifIndividual photographs and class pictures are an optional service provided by the school each year.  Parents may wish to take advantage of this service, but are under no obligation to do so.  Graduation photographs are taken in May for our Grade 8 students.  More information regarding student photographs will be given out during the month they are to be taken.


Often students like to bring cameras to school, however we discourage students taking pictures of each other as we cannot be responsible for how these pictures are used.  They should obtain permission from parents and the Principal or designate and the person being photographed ~ to photograph their peers on field trips, and during special events. The staff and students who help to create slide shows for Success assemblies , the school yearbook and publicity for special events will refer to parent responses on the Freedom of Information form you submit to the office regarding  whether or not to include your child’s picture in school presentations.  As technology has expanded at an astounding rate, so have the implications related to safety and privacy, and we ask for your assistance to keep our students safe and secure.

Physical Education

All students are expected to be fully prepared to participate in Physical Education classes.  Appropriate clothing is required in order to participate fully.  A t-shirt, running shoes and a pair of shorts are considered adequate.  A sweat shirt and track pants should be kept at school as many classes will be held outdoors in the fall and the spring.  Vanier physical education clothing will be available for sale in September.  Students will be given time to change before and after phys. ed. classes. They should avoid bringing valuables to the change rooms!

School Extracurricular Activities

clip_image006.gifA wide selection of activities are offered throughout the year to meet the needs and interests of our students.  All students participate in our Instrumental Music program during instructional time.  Athletic teams are varied and offer the challenge to individuals as well as team players. Drama and dance are part of our regular curriculum delivery however, vignettes and dramatic presentations are a regular part of extra activities at Vanier.  We demonstrate our students’ talent in the arts areas (instrumental and vocal music, and visual arts) through Arts Evening Celebrations and Success assemblies.  Student Council offers leadership opportunities for many of our students.

If an activity requires a student to come before school or stay after school, the parents will be notified in advance so that arrangements may be made to have them dropped off/picked up.

School supplies

Textbooks, resource materials, notebooks are supplied by The Limestone District School Board.  Students are expected to be responsible in the treatment of these supplies.  If students would like to bring their own materials, a list will be generated by the home room teacher in September.  This would also allow funds to be directed to other classroom needs.

Lost and Found

A lost and found box is located at the end of the Vanier hallway near Room 309.  Students should take the opportunity to check for personal items.  Parents are encouraged to check the box as well.                 



School newsletters are prepared and distributed on a monthly basis via the Vanier website.  The first Monday of the month will be reserved for this purpose.  Newsletters include information about school activities, upcoming events and student and school achievements.  School Advisory Council meetings are held throughout the school year to provide a forum for open communication between home and school. 
Individual classroom newsletters are put on class sites by home room teachers at the beginning of each month to inform parents of curriculum, class trips or class events.  In addition to the two reporting sessions each year, occasions may arise when your child’s teachers will contact you regarding his/her progress.  Parents are encouraged to call the school any time a concern arises.           


All concerns about transportation should be addressed directly with Tri-Board transportation 613-354-1981.

The following are the expectations for all students who ride buses in Limestone District School Board.
Each student is required to:

     1. Abide by the bus driver’s instructions.

     2. Conduct himself/herself in an orderly manner.

     3. Refrain from the use of foul language

     4. Refrain from smoking.

     5. Respect the safety and welfare of others.

     6. Refrain from transporting skate boards.

     7. Oversize musical instruments are NOT permitted on the bus.

     8. Large projects are NOT permitted on the bus.                          


If a student’s behaviour becomes unacceptable and the driver is unable to rectify the situation, the matter will be brought to the attention of the principal.  Step One - Verbal warning from the bus driverStep Two - The driver completes a bus report.  The principal will meet with the student to clarify expectations. Step Three - Suspension of Riding Privileges of the student for a discretionary period of one or more days. Parents will be notified.

A student may accompany another student home on the bus ONLY if arrangements  have been made in advance with the driver of the bus.  A note from parents is required to be signed in the Vanier office on the morning of the accompaniment which will then be presented to the driver.


If the driver denies access to the bus, it will be up to the parents to provide transportation home.

Early School Closing, Bus Cancellations, & Emergency Procedures

Our prime concern is to ensure the safety of our students.  When roads are hazardous or there is a breakdown of the physical plant (heating, plumbing, etc...), parents will be advised of bus cancellations and/or school closing by announcement on CFLY and CKCL radio stations.  It is important that parents listen to these stations on mornings when bus cancellations are suspected or to check the Tri -Board website..

*Please note that when buses have been canceled, the school will remain open and staff will be arriving to conduct classes.

If school is cancelled due to an emergency situation after students have arrived, parents, guardians, and/or emergency contacts will be notified by telephone that their child will be arriving home or to a designated shelter by bus at a certain time.

We ask that parents discuss with their children the procedures they are to follow in the event of an early closing.


Information regarding student accident insurance is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Parents wishing to enrol their child may subscribe at that time or enrol their children at  Forms are to be mailed directly to the insurance company.  This student insurance is very good value and it is highly recommended that parents take advantage of this offer.  The Limestone Board has a policy which requires students who participate on school sports teams to obtain the basic student accident insurance. Students will need to show proof of having obtained coverage.  Your coach will distribute the form as needed.

Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurses DO NOT maintain a weekly schedule of school visitations.  Health promotions through school newsletters, health calendars and parent meetings are planned by the Health Unit to keep the community informed. Students should not be sent to school with a suspected communicable disease. Information regarding the public health unit and their services can be obtained by calling the Health Unit at 549-1232.

Grade 7 students will be given TWO Hep B injections; one in the fall and the second in the spring.  Dates will be sent home as soon as possible in the early fall.  Should the student fail to receive their injections through the Health Unit, they will be required to visit their own physician to meet the requirements of Public Health.


If any medication needs to be given, forms must be obtained from the school to be completed by parents (and often the family doctor.)  These forms are kept on file at the school office along with the required medication.  Medication needs to be sent in an easily identified, appropriate container and administered according to Board Policy.  Staff should be aware if a student is taking any medication and parents and students are reminded that non-prescriptive medication is to be kept in an appropriately accessible and secure location.

Life Threatening Allergies

Students need to be identified immediately as all staff members need to be aware of the procedures required should that student need emergency assistance.  Forms are available at the office and should be filled out as fully as possible by parents and be accompanied by a recent photograph of the student. 

Volunteer Drivers for School Events

At times throughout the year, parents/guardians have the opportunity to assist in providing transportation for a group of students to school events.  For this to occur, several procedures must be in place well in advance of the activity.  Any volunteer driver who transports students for any reason must:

1. be eighteen years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s licence.

2. have third party liability insurance for at least $2,000,000.00 coverage for the legal protection of the driver and passenger(s).

3. have completed a volunteer driver information sheet available at the office before transporting students.

The office will be aware of the school function requiring parent volunteer drivers.  School letters or notices will also inform parents of the school function.  Signed forms with parent signatures will be required before the student will be permitted to attend school functions.

Internet Use

clip_image010.gifThe use of the Internet for educational purposes, under the supervision of teachers, is valued as an additional resource to students.  Students are expected to use the Internet at school in ways consistent with the Student Code of Behaviour.  Students are not permitted to use the INTERNET without teacher permission and supervision or without parent and student signatures on the acceptable use agreement attached in this package.

Cell phones and personal listening devices should not be used in class or the hallways during school hours.  If students choose to bring these items to school to use during their lunch hour, they must remain in their lockers until then. The school is not responsible for students’ personal electronic devices in the event of loss, damage or theft.


No student is to plagiarize.  This includes using electronic theft and/or misrepresentation of work.    

Dress Code

Vanier’s Dress Code is based upon Limestone District School Board’s Dress Code Policy which was developed by parents, students and staff ~ has been included in your September package, as part of the School Code of Behaviour and is also located in the student agenda.  Please be sure to check it out! Dress code issues will be dealt with by staff members.  When necessary, students will be referred to the office and parents will be contacted.  Student dress should be conducive to  positive learning.                                   


Because of the heavy workload and high expectations in the Intermediate Division, homework is a daily occurrence.  Nightly review of lessons taught, organization of notebooks, completion of work started in class are examples of homework.  Long term assignments, such as Science Fair and Historica Fair projects may need to completed at home as well as worked on in class time.  Daily reading (in both English and French) needs to happen at home as well.  A substantial part of research projects should be completed at school where resources and teacher assistance are available.   Parents play an important role in homework follow-through.  Students should have a well lit, quiet area to complete their homework.  Students need to have a regular time set aside each day to complete work, study for quizzes, tests or exams, work on long range projects, practice playing their musical instrument and READ. Research indicates that 10 minutes of homework per grade level should be adequate.  Therefore Grade 7 & 8 students should be spending an average of 60-90 minutes each evening studying and reviewing, organizing, practicing their instrument, reading and completing homework.  There will be no homework assigned during the Winter and March breaks as we feel our students need a holiday too. Please check your child’s agenda regularly and our school web site to keep informed about homework expectations.  You can also use it as a communication tool between yourself and your child’s teachers.

Classroom Organization           

Each class is formed by:

·        selecting students with a full range of academic abilities, maturity levels
·        grouping students to optimize program delivery
·        combining students to promote a positive classroom atmosphere for learning
·        placing students with peers with whom they work and relate well
·       balancing the gender in each room


1. Provide a quiet, well lit place for independent study.
2. Take time to listen to and speak with your child.
3. Provide reading materials and expect him/her to read nightly.
4. Encourage physical fitness and good eating habits.
5. Encourage your child to set achievable goals.
6. Encourage your child’s best effort.
7. Keep in touch with the teachers if you feel there is a concern.
8. Volunteer for an excursion.
9. Be willing to share your special talents with our school.
10.Contact the school if something is bothering your child.

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