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School Council
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You CAN Make a Difference ...on the School Council

Council Members

Kimberly Clarke
Carlie McCaughen
Why Participate on the Parent Council?

You have a chance to participate in decision making which affects your child's experience at Vanier. We welcome your participation.To learn more about School Councils.

The School Council is established in accordance with guidelines from our Board and the Ministry of Education as an advisory body to the Principal of the school.

All parents share a common interest in the well-being, intellectual growth and achievements of their children as they attend school and we welcome parents to be part of the process.  The executive of the School Council consists of the Principal, a teacher, a non-teaching staff member, and parents who fill the roles of Chair(s), Secretary, Treasurer.
School Council meetings are open to all parents/guardians of students.  Information on the current activities and future meetings can be found in the monthly school newsletters and on the web page.  The primary objective of the school council is to increase parental involvement within the school and to provide opportunities for parents to enhance our school’s learning environment in meaningful ways.  Monthly meetings provide the opportunity for parents to meet with the principal and teachers on an informal basis, and to ask questions, or discuss issues on school related topics.  Attending meetings is a good way to learn about the school and to meet other parents. The Module Vanier School Advisory Council gives parents an effective means of supporting teachers and the school, and consequently, our students.

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