2021-2022 School Year

2021-2022 School Year
We are looking forward to welcoming our new & returning students back for the 2021-2022 school year.

LDSB will continue to work closely with KFL&A to ensure a safe return to learning plan.  The Ministry of Education has publicly committed to a return to in-person, full-time learning, and we will await their direction later in the summer.  We will be reaching out to Vanier families in late August to confirm what the school year will look like for our students.

Please keep up to date over the summer months by checking this website and/or Vanier's Twitter account https://twitter.com/ModVanier_LDSB.

For the parents of our new students, please ensure that you have applied for busing for your child by visiting the Tri-Board website.

We have sent medical forms to the families of students with medical conditions that require a plan of care (i.e. asthma, anaphylactic issues, etc.).  We ask that these forms be filled out over the summer and returned, along with medication during the first week of school.

If your child has a medical condition that the school should know about, please notify us at [email protected].  A staff member will be in touch with you when the school re-opens.

Module Vanier and KSS will be closed for the summer and will re-open on Monday, August 30, 2021.  As of that date, you may call the school at 613-544-7698 or email us at [email protected].

Please have a safe and restful summer.  We look forward to welcoming you all back in September!


Madame Scarlett (Principal)
and Madame Brennan (Vice-Principal)